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Everything went smoothly, on time, friendly staff, interesting subject, and they picked my name for the early bird! (Kiki H., Atlanta Buckhead)

It was a wonderful experience. Everyone was highly professional and kind. (Horace N., Atlanta Clairmont)

I had fun. The topic was interesting and got us all thinking. I liked hearing what other peoples thoughts were. (Michelle M., Bala Cynwyd)

It was very interesting and was made so by a talented interviewer. (James C., Boston)

What a great experience! My first time in a focus group and the interviewers do such a great job, make you feel comfortable and relaxed and really make it easy to soak your mind! Can't wait for the next one! (Raymond K., Chicago)

The session went smoothly, the employees were very efficient and professional. It was an enjoyable first experience. (Susan L., Chicago Oak Brook)

I had a really nice experience this afternoon. The conversation was interesting, and I appreciate the refreshments we received at the beginning of the study. (Amanda H., Columbus)

It was a fun experience. I learned things about the product that I never knew. The moderator was really nice and pleasant also. The whole office was very friendly and upbeat. I'd be happy to do it again. (Marie E., Dallas)

This was the first time I have participated in a focus group like this. Considering the political nature of the session, I was surprised that it was very civil. The moderator was very good and kept things moving at a rapid pace. I did learn a lot about all of the candidates and left with a definite choice of who I will vote for and how important it is that we all get to the polls. (Donna S., Kansas City)

Had a great time; the topic tonight was unique, unexpected and very interesting. Thank you for providing food beforehand; I would have been very hungry during the focus group. Thanks for a great time! (Eileen S., Los Angeles)

The product was excellent, the staff was warm and friendly. It was a great experience. (Rebecca F., Minneapolis)

Everything was so well organized and started and ended promptly. The focus group itself was a fascinating experience and the hours flew by more quickly than I imagined. I had a great time! (James I., New York)

Enjoyable experience. It was fun discussing the subject with the other participants. Things were orderly & well-moderated. I'd definitely participate in another group in the future! (Sean B., Philadelphia)

Your location is very close, easy to get to, with lots of available parking. The staff was very friendly, professional, and punctual. The accommodations (refreshments and seating) were just right. I would definitely recommend your company to other potential participants. (Michael M., Phoenix)

The moderator was very good at keeping conversation flowing amongst participants and helped achieve a low pressure atmosphere. I had fun doing this focus group and look forward to participating in more focus groups. (Jessica R., San Francisco)

I thoroughly enjoyed the focus group. I found it very interesting, fun and I appreciate that companies want our honest opinions and that we do make a difference! (Pamela F., St Louis)

Everyone at Focus Pointe was very nice. The group was nice and I enjoyed the other people in the group. The moderator was nice and bubbly and made the experience enjoyable. All in all I had a great time. Thanks so much for picking me to participate. (Aaisha A., Teaneck)

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