Atlanta - Buckhead, GA

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Focus Pointe Atlanta - Buckhead

We have two locations in the greater Atlanta area, Atlanta Buckhead, and Atlanta Clairmont. 

Focus Pointe Atlanta - Buckhead
Monarch Plaza 
3414 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 800 
Atlanta, GA 30326 

(800) 220-3730

[email protected]

Parking Information

Our parking deck is located behind the Monarch Plaza and can be accessed 3 different ways:

  • from the Alliance Center – go through and around the Monarch Tower parking deck and connect to the Monarch Plaza deck;
  • from Monarch Drive / Phipps Drive ramps;
  • from behind the Ritz Carlton
  • Important: Our parking deck serves three buildings – make sure to pay attention to the signs so you can park near Monarch Plaza instead of a different building. Once you park, head towards the stairs or elevator. Parking level P4 is the main lobby level of the Monarch Plaza. Once you are inside the Monarch Plaza building, you will need to head down the lobby hallway towards the main building elevators. Please note that you will pass Alphagraphics Printing on your right and a florist on your left, along with both an entrance to the Ritz Carlton and the Rising Roll restaurant as you approach the elevators. The second elevators are on your right, across from the Concierge desk. Take the elevator to level 8 and you will see Focus Pointe Atlanta as soon as you step out of the elevator.

    Building Entry

    Take the stairs or elevator to the lobby level - Floor 4. Make sure you bring a valid photo ID with you.

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