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I think you guys are the leader in Atlanta when it comes to market research companies here. I know when I come to do a focus group with you, not only will I enjoy my time and that my opinion matters, but I will get paid for it!!! (Allison P., Atlanta Buckhead)

I enjoyed the group setting and meeting new people. It is good to meet other people and see how they feel about different items. IT WAS FUN!!!! (Angela H., Atlanta Clairmont)

It was great to be part of giving feedback to ads and products. Very well organized and efficiently run. Thank you for having me participate and I hope to be called again. (Suzanne W., Bala Cynwyd)

It was great! So nice to be surrounded by such interesting and considerate people talking about important issues respectfully! I would definitely do it again. I learned a lot! (Evan C., Boston)

My experience with focus group has been a very enjoyable, as well as an educational one. It also has allowed me to share my opinion and at the same time, earning some extra money. (William K., Chicago)

All the employees in the facility were so kind and sincere. I felt like they catered to me. I really enjoyed myself I felt very relaxed. I can't wait to have another focus group at this facility. Thank you so much! (Maria T., Chicago Oak Brook)

I really enjoyed the other people in the group, as well as the moderator - she did an excellent job. I looked forward to all of our meetings and had a very good time. The fact that I was paid was just icing on the cake! I also want to add that the staff at FPG is wonderful. (Barb P., Columbus)

The moderator was very professional and personable, keeping to time and folks on topic. Always a good experience with your company! (Karen W., Dallas)

My first study- cool experience. The moderator was enthusiastic and kept the flow going. I liked the group setting as some people had ideas I hadn't thought about or a better way of explaining. Interesting different views. Organization of the entire process was smooth (& the cookies were awesome!!) Thanks again. (Terra S., Kansas City)

This was a mock trial which was a new experience for me. It was very interesting and enjoyable. Your staff was very kind, professional and accommodating. I hope I can participate again! (Rosanne L., Los Angeles)

It was a lot of fun to come and test such a wide variety of snacks! It was even more special to share the experience with my son! Thanks!! (Kate O., Minneapolis)

The facility is very nice and the staff was pleasant and on top of things. Our group facilitator was just awesome - she set a comfortable tone and made it easy and fun to do what we came to do. We had a great group, and it was a very interesting experience. (Lorinda L., New York City)

I enjoyed the experience and look forward to any future opportunities to participate. The moderator was very engaging and successfully facilitated the session allowing me to really think through my responses in a meaningful way. (Tom T., Philadelphia)

My experience was great! Everything was very well organized from the front desk to the tasting room and then to the discussion room. Thank you for keeping everything moving and on track. I'm looking forward to more! (Barbara M., Phoenix)

Great informative session and awesome experience! Good job with the participant selections! Moderator was energetic and valuable addition to the experience as well. (Eric B., San Francisco)

I enjoyed the one on one time with the moderator. He was a very nice guy. I came out of there feeling good about the experience and that what I said really mattered. He made me feel like it did! Thanks for an experience that was positive! (Mary B., St Louis)

Site is easy to reach and parking right there. Staff is professional and prompt. Diverse focus group and interesting market research topic. Well worth my time and I look forward to being chosen again. Thank You. (Rose E., Teaneck)

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